We stand for good quality service and the satisfaction of our customers. We think this is important. In the context of quality assurance, we ask you to file a complaint if you are dissatisfied with our services. We will do everything we can to handle your complaint to your satisfaction. By submitting a complaint, you also help improve our work processes and services. In this way we can even better prevent similar complaints from reaching us in the future. We offer you the following procedure for making a complaint. We handle all complaints in the same way.

a. Verbal communication
We ask that you first notify us of your dissatisfaction by telephone. In doing so, we try to gain clarity with you about the essence of your complaint through open communication. We will discuss with you which possible solutions are possible.

b. Send a written complaint
If no verbal solution to the complaint has been reached, you can submit a written complaint to MONDICO. The complaint must be clearly formulated with a clear basis for your position and reference to all relevant documents, if necessary to clarify your complaint. Anonymous complaints will not be processed. You can submit your complaint by email or post to the following address:

Attn: Compliance
Dr. Lelykade 36-A, NL 2583 CM The Hague, Netherlands
Email: frans@mondico.eu

c. Handling complaints procedure
You will receive a written confirmation of receipt from us within one week of receiving your complaint. This confirmation will formally confirm your complaint and indicate when we expect to respond to your complaint. We may ask you to provide further information or clarification of your complaint. After we have formulated a well-founded opinion about your complaint, you will be notified in writing. We aim to deal with your complaint within 28 days of sending the acknowledgment of receipt. If the scope of the complaint or the complexity gives rise to an extension of this term, we will inform you.

d. After your complaint has been settled
We will do everything we can to handle your complaint to your satisfaction. However, if you do not agree with our answer or if you have a complaint about how the complaint was handled, you can submit the complaint to the Court of Arbitration for the Construction Industry. The Court of Arbitration for the Construction Industry can be reached at the following address:

PO Box 19290
T: 030-2343222
F: 030-2 300125
W: Raadvanarbitrage.nl

e. Quality assurance complaints procedure
Mr. Frans van Hoeken is primarily responsible for handling your complaint.
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